Rail car shunting locomotives

26 September 2018 comments

Zephir rail shunting locomotive


Recently Handling Specialty held a training session where two Zephir Crab 5000 E models were included to assist in the performance of maintenance duties.

The Zephir Crab 5000 E series rail car shunting locomotives can push or pull loads of up to 1,000 tons and operate via environmentally-friendly electric power. These units can be piloted either with the operator inside the cabin or through a hand-held remote-control system.  The Zephir is designed to drive on roadways and rail tracks, lifting and lowering itself via hydraulics on pneumatic tires to achieve the preferred method of travel.

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The Zephir is a convenient vehicle with multiple safety and comfort options for the operator such as heated/air-conditioned cabins, under-carriage cameras for precise lowering onto rail tracks, eight high-visibility lights, acoustic horn, dead man buttons and much more.

For more what the Zephir line of locomotives can do for your rail facility visit: http://www.handling.com/all-solutions/zephir-electric-rail-car-mover/ or contact Rick Brenik.

The video can also be viewed on our Youtube site

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