Handling Specialty Blog - lift equipment

Handling Specialty Blog - lift equipment

Want to know what it's really like to work at a custom, engineered-to-order material handling equipment company? To work with clients as interesting and unique as Cirque du Soleil or Lockheed Martin, and in industries as varied as aerospace, defence, rail, nuclear energy or automotive?  Watch this blog space regularly as we share our experiences, expertise and thoughts about what life is like at Handling Specialty. 

Learn what it means when we say: "We build big things to help our customers build big things."

Handling Specialty in the news!

20 August 2015 comments

Handling Specialty's expertise in underwater lifts and other custom material handling solutions was featured in a recent story in the Toronto Star by reporter Dana Flavelle. To read it, please click here

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Hidden Cost of Material Handling

8 October 2014 comments

It wasn’t very long ago that I participated in a business forum where a number of executives spoke about the importance of developing “value added” offerings to their customers.  I think it is vitally important that we as a custom manufacturer are prepared to present exactly what our clients are paying for.  Equally, there exists a need to be able to explain how a cost comes to be, especially when the buyer views your price as being “high”.  The key to this communication is in helping our clients understand where the hidden costs are……those are the ones that consume the cost of sales but do not stand out as value added features when simply looking at the final product. 

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Water in the Desert - the story of "O"

18 September 2014 comments

If I had to vote on the single most influential project in the history of the company it would be the time we went to Las Vegas and put a stage lift system underwater.  It truly moved us from “Lift Guys” to “Project People” as we were forced to grow up overnight. 

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The Evolution of Our Professional Services Group

4 June 2014 comments

There was a day when our sales department was also the parts department and the service department and the installation department….you get the idea.  With some healthy growth we found ourselves in need of a separate Parts and Service  (P & S) department.  The 90s was the decade of the automotive industry and oddly enough, that industry taught us how to be “response ready”.  The P & S grew not only in its revenues but in its scope of work.  We began to speak with new phrases such as “technical supervision”, “critical spares”, “first level spares” and “preventative maintenance”.  We actually got to the point where the title Parts and Service really didn’t represent the department so we proudly renamed it The Professional Services Group (PSG).  

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Thank Goodness We Diversified

1 May 2014 comments

Over the past 30 years that I have been with Handling Specialty, the company has certainly weathered several economic “storms.” I think it was about 2002 when the third recession began to appear.  It was once again most notable via the decline in the auto industry.  We had just powered ourselves through the 90s when the auto industry was in full flight….and yes we kind of put all our “eggs in one basket.”

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Inside the world of custom design and manufacturing

24 March 2014 comments

Over the years we have attended many trade shows; some we just walked and some we exhibited at.  The one statement that always seems to give me amusement is “Yeah, we are looking at getting into custom design lifts just like you.”  My “inside” voice says, “Great, let me hold the door open for you!”  

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The Importance of Good Relationships

24 February 2014 comments

For years now, we have enjoyed stating in our covering letters that “Handling Specialty doesn’t just build great equipment….we build great relationships too”.  Our team recognizes and respects the important role that the relationship plays when delivering customized and complex engineering solutions.  We learned long ago that a project’s success will be heavily weighted on the shoulders of “trust”……I mean is there anything more significant, more impactful or more rewarding than the trust employed in a relationship?

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