Bogie/Truck Maintenance Station

Overview This customized Bogie/Truck Maintenance Station is used to replace traction motors and wheelsets on Rail bogies. Rail maintenance is an important part of keeping a fleet operating safely and efficiently. Features This rail maintenance system is feature-rich. Examples below. Four Clamp Arms to secure equipment in place Four support arm-locking pins Four control panels […]

Railcar Wheelset Changeout System

Overview Handling Specialty was approached by a mining company to engineer and manufacture a heavy-duty, durable wheelset change-out system for railcars used in mining operations. The lift was manufactured to last in the extreme conditions that exist in mining facilities in northern Canada. The wheelset change-out process begins with a train moving into the rail […]

Rail Bogie Maintenance Lift

Overview Rail Bogie Maintenance Lift The rail bogie maintenance lift services bogies on tram cars by traveling on maintenance rails below the rail car, raising on a scissor lift to secure the bogies, and then, once detached from the wheelset, the bogies are lowered and driven down the maintenance tracks for removal and replacement procedures. […]

Heavy Duty Drop Tables for Rail Maintenance

Overview The Double Drop Table is a fully engineered mobile hoist system that will facilitate the replacement of an existing rail car wheelset with a new wheelset. The Double Drop Tables traverse on a set of rails laid perpendicularly and below the elevation of the rail car service tracks in a trench of prescribed depth. […]

Rail Bogie Assembly Work Platform

Overview This rail bogie assembly work platform was custom-engineered for strength and structural rigidity to perform flawlessly in the harsh environment of a rail assembly plant. Features The Bogie Assembly Work Platform includes: Four screw jacks with gear motors and brakes. Four bellows covering the screws. Pull down bar for cylinder rod attachment. Fixed rotation […]

Rail Truck Inspection-Testing Workstation

Overview This free-standing 4-post electro-mechanical screw lift was custom-designed to lift and support rail trucks for a specific client’s truck measurements and application. Each lifting jack is powered by its own motor and synchronized to each other to ensure level lifting. Lifting frames for the trucks are included on each jack allowing the wheels to […]