Explosion Proof Mechanical Scissor Lifts

Overview These heavy-duty, explosion-proof electro-mechanical scissor lifts employ a vertical ball-screw system and are pit-mounted. This set-up consists of three units, one capable of lifting 15,000 lbs while the other two have a capacity of 8,000 lbs each. These units assist in the assembly and MRO operations for specialized helicopters and jets. Each mechanical lift […]

Multi Stage Scissor Lift For Aerospace

Overview The multi-stage lift performs intermittent operation of 10 full cycles per day. Features Two (2) spiralift actuators ILR250 (double pitch). Two (2) servo-motors. One limit switch for Up travel. One limit switch for Down travel. One limit switch for Up/Down overtravel. One limit switch for each spiralift.

Retubing Tool Platform-Column Handler

Overview Retubing tool platform-column handler Secured to a four-post lift, the retubing tooling platform-column handler performs the removal and replacement of reactor components. Otherwise known as the re-tube and feeder replacement phase. It accomplishes this task in part by utilizing its hydraulic tilt feature. The tooling platform and column handler are operated remotely from the […]

Overhead Belt Lift for Material Handling

Overview Working 48 cycles/hour, 16 hours/day, 280 days/year, these 12 electro-mechanical overhead belt lifts were designed to be integrated into an automotive manufacturer’s overhead conveyor system to move car and truck bodies through the assembly line. This belt lifts lower around the vehicle body, and custom tooling secures the underside, then the belt lifts raise […]

In-floor Custom Personnel Lift Equipment

Overview This robust, pit-mounted, custom personnel lift equipment was engineered to perform 50 cycles per hour, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year in an automotive manufacturing plant. Each unit is capable of lifting 1500 lbs. and includes a galvanized grating platform for slip protection. Features Lockable disconnect switch. Motor overload relays. Low voltage […]

In-Floor CSA Personnel Lifts for Automotive

Overview These electro-mechanical, pit-mounted, in-floor CSA personnel lifts for automotive manufacturing were designed to run for 40 cycles per hour, 17 hours per day, and 260 days per year. Each order came as a pair to position technicians at ergonomic heights while on the assembly line and was engineered to hold up to 1000 lbs. […]