Work Platform for Turbine Assembly

Overview Engineered to ergonomically and efficiently perform precise assembly and maintenance operations of turbines in the vertical position, Handling Specialty’s custom vertical work platforms are a favourite within the power generation industry. Lagged to the shop floor, these above-grade work platforms allow technicians the ability to rise and lower themselves to the appropriate position when […]

Automotive Four-Post Lifts

Overview Custom designed for return customers, these units were built under the stringent quality controls our clients have come to expect from Handling Specialty; each expected to run 75 cycles a day, 24 hours a day, 320 days a year. Building for the automotive industry is where Handling Specialty got our start –  experience the […]

Mast Style Belt Lift

Overview These four custom-engineered belt lifts will be used to transfer chassis and pallets in an automated assembly line for the automotive industry. Features Designed with redundant safety systems and multiple belts, this vertical drop lifter was engineered to reduce deflection, ensure the level and accurate positioning, support cantilevered loads of up to 3,800 lbs, […]

Hydraulic Vehicle Lift

Overview This hot-dip galvanized Automotive lift system will be used in a water spray booth for testing leaks in vehicles at a major vehicle manufacturer in Toledo, Ohio. Features Hydraulic Vehicle Lift: Each of the four custom-designed columns has a lifting capacity of 2,500 lbs giving the system an 8000 lb lift rating. An 11,500 […]

AGV Assembly Unloader Lift

Overview The unloader lift was custom designed for a recreational vehicle manufacturer to inspect the product at the end of the assembly line. The unloader lift was also engineered to accept the recreational vehicle from an automated guided vehicle, raise it to ergonomic heights for technicians to inspect the work, and then be driven off […]

Four Post Lift

Overview These lifts will be used in tandem as part of a conveyor transfer system to move fully loaded skillets from one line to another. The units raise 12″ per minute. The total rise time is 6 minutes. The units will be permanently lagged to the customer’s floor and run very low-duty cycles. The unit […]