Blank Handling Carts for Advanced Manufacturing

Overview Blank Handling Carts for Advanced Manufacturing These two robust blank handling carts will traverse along rail tracks and operate 2 cycles per hour, 24 hours per day, 300 days per year. The custom tooling added to the platforms is designed to satisfy the customer’s specific application needs. Handling Specialty’s Blank Handling Carts intelligently tie into a […]

Blank Handling Carts for Automotive

Overview These Blank Handling Carts for the automotive industry receive a stack of steel or aluminium blanks from a fork truck and then index along tracks into the destacking cell. Blanks are removed from the cart until the stack is depleted. The empty cart returns to the load position. The customer will install a servo […]

Engine Assembly Carts

Overview Built for low-duty cycle, intermittent operation, these sixteen (16) engine assembly carts were designed/built to be used in the manufacture of engines. A key feature of the carrier design is the integrated lift system that will position the engine at the correct elevation for ergonomic consideration. These carts were engineered to act as manually […]

Towline Carts for Automotive Assembly

Overview Handling Specialty engineered and manufactured custom towveyor carts that move both horizontally (by towline) and vertically (with two electromechanical lifts) to meet the ergonomic and assembly needs of an automotive production line. The front lift is used to hoist the front axle and engine assembly into the vehicle body, while the back lift inserts […]

Heavy Duty Automotive Die Carts

Overview Handling Specialty custom designed and manufactured a heavy-duty transfer cart that transferred two 6,000 lb dies along an automotive press line. One unique feature incorporated into the design was a bumper system that could withstand impact from various angles. Unlike conventional systems, which respond only to perpendicular impacts, this feature ensured additional overtravel and […]

Stacker/Destacker for Automotive Industry

Overview Handling Specialty counts a turnkey skid stacker/destacker system for automotive plants among its repertoire of customized lift equipment. Installed as part of a production “buffer zone,” the system helps to compensate for fluctuations in vehicle production levels. Skids, typically used to convey untrimmed vehicle bodies, can be quickly added or removed from the assembly line as required. […]