Large Engine Rollover Positioner

Overview The Large Engine Rollover Positioner is an engineered headstock/tailstock assembly built for strength and structural rigidity. A rotator offers 360-degree access to the large engine assembly for technicians to precisely position the unit at ergonomic angles. This rotator comes with four types of specialized tooling to handle seven types of engines. Features 360-degree rotation. […]

Circular Stage Lift

Overview This 20′ circular stage lift was engineered and built for a specific show in London’s theatre district. It is mechanically actuated via a push/pull chain configuration. The circular stage has two lifts for either side of the circle and was designed to run intermittently at less than 15 cycles per hour. Features Anti-collapse cylinder […]

Up-ending Trampoline Platform

Overview Engineered and manufactured at Handling Specialty, the Up-ending trampoline platform is a part of the Royal Caribbean’s Oasis class ships Aqua theatre experience. When in use by the performers, the Up-ending platform rotates to allow them to utilize the trampoline. When not in use, the platform tilts to hide itself from the audience. The […]

Rotator for Automotive Die Cleaning

Overview Handling Specialty custom engineered and manufactured a 20,000 lb capacity rotator to be used by an aluminum casting facility for the automotive industry as part of a robotic process for the cleaning of 4,500 lb core dies with dry ice. In addition to handling the weight of the dies, the rotator top also must […]

Car Rotator Turntable for Research Facility

Overview Handling Specialty custom engineered and manufactured a rotator that was used in an automotive laboratory wind testing system, where different car models were driven onto the rotator/turntable and then turned to face the wind tunnel while various tests were being conducted. Critical to the solution was that the rotator did not move when subject […]

Large-scale Turntable for Entertainment

Overview Designed and built for an exterior display, this┬álarge-scale turntable for entertainment will see people walking into the interactive installation while the turntable rotates. The turntable rotates both clockwise and counter-clockwise at the controller’s discretion and is galvanized to ensure weather damage does not interfere with the operation of the unit. Features 32-foot diameter. The […]