Custom Advanced Manufacturing Lift Table

Custom Assembly Lift

Overview This electro-mechanical, PARS custom rail lift table, will be used in low-duty, intermittent cycles, to load a robotic manipulator into a trolley and rail system. The portable unit will include an external, control panel as well as a tethered hand-held pendant. The table top will also include X/Y positioning via manual actuation for precise […]

Large Engine Rollover Positioner

Overview The Large Engine Rollover Positioner is an engineered headstock/tailstock assembly built for strength and structural rigidity. A rotator offers 360-degree access to the large engine assembly for technicians to precisely position the unit at ergonomic angles. This rotator comes with four types of specialized tooling to handle seven types of engines. Features 360-degree rotation. […]

Explosion Proof Mechanical Scissor Lifts

Overview These heavy-duty, explosion-proof electro-mechanical scissor lifts employ a vertical ball-screw system and are pit-mounted. This set-up consists of three units, one capable of lifting 15,000 lbs while the other two have a capacity of 8,000 lbs each. These units assist in the assembly and MRO operations for specialized helicopters and jets. Each mechanical lift […]

Work Platform for Turbine Assembly

Overview Engineered to ergonomically and efficiently perform precise assembly and maintenance operations of turbines in the vertical position, Handling Specialty’s custom vertical work platforms are a favourite within the power generation industry. Lagged to the shop floor, these above-grade work platforms allow technicians the ability to rise and lower themselves to the appropriate position when […]

Circular Stage Lift

Overview This 20′ circular stage lift was engineered and built for a specific show in London’s theatre district. It is mechanically actuated via a push/pull chain configuration. The circular stage has two lifts for either side of the circle and was designed to run intermittently at less than 15 cycles per hour. Features Anti-collapse cylinder […]

Powered Aero-Engine Lift Cart

Overview This Powered Aero-Engine Lift Cart includes custom tooling specifically built to hold the client’s aero engines for transport through the assembly process. With the engine securely fixed to the platform tooling, the unit is hooked up to a pneumatic hose and lifted on air casters for easy transport across a clean, flat surface. Features 4-post […]