Assembly Platform for Energy Industry

power-generation work positioner

Overview Handling Specialty custom-engineered and manufactured this pit-mounted, vertical assembly platform to operate intermittently. This vertical platform rises around the energy turbine as it is assembled, and can accommodate several sizes of turbine. It raises and lowers on three scissor lifts via the motor starter panel mounted on HPU. Controls for up/down, start, and E-stop […]

AGV System for Automotive Assembly

AGV with Scissor lift up

Overview This¬† AGV system for the automotive assembly industry includes fifteen (15) automatic-guided vehicles, with wireless charging stations. The equipment will be used to move automotive frames through the assembly process and deliver them to the final assembly area (7 hours per shift, 3 shifts per day, 5 days per week)¬† as part of the […]

Locomotive Nosecone Windshield Access Cart

Locomotive Windshield Work Platform

Overview These custom-engineered self-propelled nosecone maintenance work platforms have a raised height of 147″ and include a checker plate platform. Road Mode controls are mounted at floor working height on the cart, while the rail motion controls, including up and down, are mounted on the top operator platform controls. Road Mode controls include key lock, […]

Custom Advanced Manufacturing Lift Table

Custom Assembly Lift

Overview This electro-mechanical, custom lift table, will be used in low-duty, intermittent cycles, to load a robotic manipulator into a trolley and rail system. The portable unit will include an external, control panel as well as a tethered hand-held pendant. The table top will also include X/Y positioning via manual actuation for precise positioning of […]

Large Engine Rollover Positioner

Overview The Large Engine Rollover Positioner is an engineered headstock/tailstock assembly built for strength and structural rigidity. A rotator offers 360-degree access to the large engine assembly for technicians to precisely position the unit at ergonomic angles. This rotator comes with four types of specialized tooling to handle seven types of engines. Features 360-degree rotation. […]

Explosion Proof Mechanical Scissor Lifts

Overview These heavy-duty, explosion-proof electro-mechanical scissor lifts employ a vertical ball-screw system and are pit-mounted. This set-up consists of three units, one capable of lifting 15,000 lbs while the other two have a capacity of 8,000 lbs each. These units assist in the assembly and MRO operations for specialized helicopters and jets. Each mechanical lift […]