Tooling Rotisseries aid in Welding

Designed for rotating and elevating products to meet technicians’ requirements for ergonomic positioning, tooling rotisseries are the perfect solution for welding and assembly operations. Welds are presented to the operator with optimal positioning, torch access, and torch angles, resulting in improved quality. Any handling equipment that can assist an operator in realizing ergonomic applications ensures […]

Custom Whiting Electric Jacks

Found in Locomotive maintenance shops and rail yards the world over, the Whiting Portable Electric Jack is the industry standard that continues to outlast the competition. Our capacity sizes range from 25, 35, 50 and even 60 tons to handle the heaviest locomotives on the market. With minimal required maintenance, this rugged design handles the […]

Portable Electric Jacks Built for Strength

If you’ve ever wondered why our portable electric Jacks are considered the best in the industry, you haven’t far to look. The load screw in each of our Jacks has a machined buttress thread with an inherent self-locking feature, making them ideal for lifting equipment applications. Whether the lifting capacity is 3 to 60 tons, […]

parts and services support for a floating city

How do you manage parts and services support for a floating city? This is a big question that Handling Specialty has answered on several occasions for the largest cruise ships in the world. Currently, the Symphony of the Seas – Royal Caribbean’s latest – is the biggest and carries with it another Handling Specialty underwater […]

Engine Rollover Stations

How Can Engine Rollover Stations Make Your Job Easier? Handling Specialty recently completed a 15 and 30 Ton Engine Rollover Station for the energy industry, which was placed in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Handling Specialty also provided installation and commissioning of these products. The Engine Rollover Stations will be used to position reciprocating engines during […]

Smart Arm Manipulator

Handling Specialty’s S.A.M. is a laser and camera-assisted motion control solution utilizing a custom heavy-duty multi-axis manipulator arm. S.A.M enables lifting and repeatable positioning of a jet engine Bellmouth within a small envelope. The arm lifts and positions a jet engine Bellmouth during the assembly process. The arm is designed to grasp the Bellmouth with […]