Advanced Manufacturing and AGVs

AGVs for Manufacturing and Assembly Advanced manufacturing has a broad connotation and can apply to multiple industries. The same can be said about the Automated Guided Vehicle, and the two are often found sharing a story, as AGVs are now widely used in the manufacturing processes of various industries. Advanced manufacturing is a term which […]

360 access to equipment

Roll-Over Vehicles Offer Unlimited access to Equipment Handling Specialty has developed a solid reputation for delivering safe, intelligent and robust material handling equipment for the Energy industry. Roll-over handling equipment is traditionally fixed in place to receive equipment for maintenance or assembly. These custom-engineered automatically guided roll-over vehicles were developed for our client in Austria […]

New Blast & Paint Booth Grand Opening

New Blast & Paint Booth Grand Opening – Christmas Came Early for Handling Specialty The new paint booth and blast booth gracing Handling Specialty’s plant 2 in Hamilton, Ontario, expand HSML’s presence as one of the world’s top Custom material handling design/build companies. To celebrate the new additions, the company hosted a ribbon-cutting, busing employees […]