Technology Trends in Manufacturing in 2023

PaaS, IIoT, and AI are very identifiable top technology trends in manufacturing that will continue to advance in the OEM industry in 2023. At Handling Specialty, these design/build trends aren’t just talk; they’re a reality. Product as a Service from Your OEM PaaS, or Product as a Service, introduces certain challenges for manufacturers while opening […]

Tilters and Upenders – Heavy-duty Equipment for Material Handling

Tilters and Upenders for manufacturing offers increased ergonomics, safety, and efficiency to the assembly, manufacturing, and maintenance operations of any facility. Custom-designed and built to meet your specific application requirements, these material handling designs can be engineered to work in multiple industries to assist in simplifying processes. Engineered to perform multiple cycles in punishing environments, […]

Material Handling Equipment for Large-scale EV Battery Cell Manufacturing

low-profile AGV for Aerospace

With rising demand for EV battery cell plants to be manufactured all over the world, design/build firms are using their deep knowledge of carrying, lifting, and positioning equipment in assembly lines to assist in building these electric battery plants. What Material Handling Equipment Goes into an Electric Vehicle Battery Plant? Custom material handling solutions are […]

Turn-key Manufacturing – What does it mean?

In the material handling manufacturing industry, to call yourself a turn-key company isn’t just a catchphrase or hashtag to promote clickbait. Any company referring to themselves as turn-key is easily found out if this is not the case. To be a turn-key company involves multiple steps, all taken within the manufacturer’s internal network. You work […]

Why Facilities Matter in Material Handling Manufacturing

It should be obvious why facilities matter in material handling when your design commands a very large footprint to build. Whether it is a single four-post lift spanning many square feet, or a dozen AGVs which require space to build and test, the company you choose to create your material handling product needs the space, […]

Understanding Material Handling Core Competencies

Core competencies in the material handling industry define capabilities or advantages that distinguish a manufacturer from its competitors. Nowhere is this more important than in the design and manufacture of your material handling equipment. Safety and efficiency go hand in hand with the engineering and manufacture of custom material handling equipment. It should work as […]