4-Post Custom Research Lift

Overview This custom, four-post, research lift will be used to test sprinkler systems for an insurance company during fire testing, intermittently, based on five (5) cycles per week. The unit will raise the sprinkler system to various, predetermined heights, to test effectiveness in multiple fire scenarios. Features Custom Manually Traversing Gantry with powered winch system […]

Assembly Platform for Energy Industry

power-generation work positioner

Overview Handling Specialty custom-engineered and manufactured this pit-mounted, vertical assembly platform to operate intermittently. This vertical platform rises around the energy turbine as it is assembled, and can accommodate several sizes of turbine. It raises and lowers on three scissor lifts via the motor starter panel mounted on HPU. Controls for up/down, start, and E-stop […]

Work Platform for Turbine Assembly

Overview Engineered to ergonomically and efficiently perform precise assembly and maintenance operations of turbines in the vertical position, Handling Specialty’s custom vertical work platforms are a favourite within the power generation industry. Lagged to the shop floor, these above-grade work platforms allow technicians the ability to rise and lower themselves to the appropriate position when […]

Multi Stage Scissor Lift For Aerospace

Overview The multi-stage lift performs intermittent operation of 10 full cycles per day. Features Two (2) spiralift actuators ILR250 (double pitch). Two (2) servo-motors. One limit switch for Up travel. One limit switch for Down travel. One limit switch for Up/Down overtravel. One limit switch for each spiralift.

Heavy Duty Lift for Aerospace Engine Test Cell

Overview Handling Specialty was approached by an internationally recognized aerospace company (and previous customer) to design and manufacture a heavy-duty, long-lasting, explosion-proof custom-engineered scissor lift for use in a jet engine test cell. The lift is being used to load new jet engines into a test cell for testing and to safely and reliably move […]

Bogie/Truck Maintenance Station

Overview This customized Bogie/Truck Maintenance Station is used to replace traction motors and wheelsets on Rail bogies. Rail maintenance is an important part of keeping a fleet operating safely and efficiently. Features This rail maintenance system is feature-rich. Examples below. Four Clamp Arms to secure equipment in place Four support arm-locking pins Four control panels […]