Campaign 2018 – Design Engineering

7 February 2018 comments

Design Engineering February2

Campaign 2018 – Design Engineering

After investing considerable time in developing 2018’s marketing campaign and surveying our own engineers on its appeal, Handling Specialty has developed our advertising campaign around the concept of lifting and traversing whatever you can imagine. The product featured is our custom designed MGV/AGV’s. Because at HSML we are exposed to new industries and application needs constantly; our experienced engineering department re-imagines the Automated Guided Vehicle again and again, and if a Manually Guided Vehicle better suits their specific application, we will design to those considerations.

And so, the “Lift and Traverse Whatever You Can Imagine” campaign took flight. Our first ad in this series appears now on the Design Engineering website to spur interest in our customization competences not only in our AGV/MGV lines, but in all that Handling Specialty does on a day to day for multiple industries and applications.

For more on this product visit: AGV/MGV page

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