Lifting Beam for Nuclear

Overview Typically, more than 200 fuel rods are bundled together to form a fuel assembly in a nuclear facility. These rods need to be removed to make room for new rods with a full complement of nuclear fuel. In order to remove the rods, custom material handling equipment has been designed and built by Handling […]

Below the Hook Lifting Beams

Overview This zinc-plated below the hook lifting beam was engineered to lift heavy loads (pre-assembled engines) for a locomotive manufacturer. A crane is employed with the lifting beam attached to the hooks, and the engine secured to the custom lifting beam. The engine is then maneuvered and lowered into the locomotive body.

Telescopic Cable Boom System

Overview Handling Specialty engineered and manufactured two (2) sets of three (3) telescopic cable booms for a major electric power company in the United States. The booms will be used to carry and position 1000V electrical cables above and into a large electrical transformer so it can be tested. A collision avoidance system, as well […]

Lifting Frames for Rail car Assembly

Overview When in application, the lifting frames are used for lifting rail vehicles in the customer’s assembly building by lowering the frames via an overhead crane around the train car or locomotive, then securing the undercarriage with the frame’s manually cranked steel support arms. Once secure, the two frames are lifted again by the crane […]

Rail Car Leveling Spreader

Overview As the crane lowers the beam to the railcar roof, the leveling spreader bar will adjust to the center of gravity during and after the lift with an individual radio-controlled, hand-held unit the crane operator will have. Features The motorized load-leveling spreader was designed to assist rail companies in removing various lengths and weights […]