Industrial Personnel Lift with Tilt Action

Personnel lift vertical assembly station

Overview This industrial personnel lift with tilt/upender component acts as a vertical assembly station to assemble large industrial fuel cells in the Energy industry. This is a custom design/build material handling solution for a new model of large scale fuel cells developed to vertically stack the components. Personnel Lift Features Lowered Height: 68″; Vertical Travel: […]

Assembly Platform for Energy Industry

power-generation work positioner

Overview Handling Specialty custom-engineered and manufactured this pit-mounted, vertical assembly platform to operate intermittently. This vertical platform rises around the energy turbine as it is assembled, and can accommodate several sizes of turbine. It raises and lowers on three scissor lifts via the motor starter panel mounted on HPU. Controls for up/down, start, and E-stop […]

Custom Advanced Manufacturing Lift Table

Custom Assembly Lift

Overview This electro-mechanical, custom lift table, will be used in low-duty, intermittent cycles, to load a robotic manipulator into a trolley and rail system. The portable unit will include an external, control panel as well as a tethered hand-held pendant. The table top will also include X/Y positioning via manual actuation for precise positioning of […]

35,000 lbs. Capacity Tandem Lifts for the Continuous Feeding of Steel Blanks

Overview Handling Specialty custom designed and manufactured many steel blank destacking lifts that are used to continuously feed automotive stamping plant presses. Pictured in this Solution Story are two self-propelled lifts that were custom engineered and manufactured by Handling Specialty to meet the customer’s specific requirements. The lifts are durable and robust and are required […]

Stacker/Destacker for Automotive Industry

Overview Handling Specialty counts a turnkey skid stacker/destacker system for automotive plants among its repertoire of customized lift equipment. Installed as part of a production “buffer zone,” the system helps to compensate for fluctuations in vehicle production levels. Skids, typically used to convey untrimmed vehicle bodies, can be quickly added or removed from the assembly line as required. […]

Custom Scissor Lifts for Automotive Marriage Application

Overview Handling Specialty was approached by a major North American vehicle manufacturer to custom engineer and manufacture a towed lifting platform with two air-over-oil hydraulic scissor lifts. On top of both lifts is tooling with wobble plates, which permits the marriage of rear and front axles onto vehicle bodies. The front and rear axles are […]