Assembly Platform for Energy Industry

power-generation work positioner

Overview Handling Specialty custom-engineered and manufactured this pit-mounted, vertical assembly platform to operate intermittently. This vertical platform rises around the energy turbine as it is assembled, and can accommodate several sizes of turbine. It raises and lowers on three scissor lifts via the motor starter panel mounted on HPU. Controls for up/down, start, and E-stop […]

Truck-Bogie Hoist

Overview Truck/Bogie Hoist to assist in rail vehicle maintenance & inspection. Features Various capacity, shallow pit design, full pit, four or two post truck (bogie) hoist. Equipment is used in rail vehicle maintenance facilities for the inspection, repair and maintenance of rail vehicle trucks (bogies). Spinning Posts can also be provided with these hoists to […]

In-floor Custom Personnel Lift Equipment

Overview This robust, pit-mounted, custom personnel lift equipment was engineered to perform 50 cycles per hour, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year in an automotive manufacturing plant. Each unit is capable of lifting 1500 lbs. and includes a galvanized grating platform for slip protection. Features Lockable disconnect switch. Motor overload relays. Low voltage […]

In-Floor CSA Personnel Lifts for Automotive

Overview These electro-mechanical, pit-mounted, in-floor CSA personnel lifts for automotive manufacturing were designed to run for 40 cycles per hour, 17 hours per day, and 260 days per year. Each order came as a pair to position technicians at ergonomic heights while on the assembly line and was engineered to hold up to 1000 lbs. […]

Automotive Four-Post Lifts

Overview Custom designed for return customers, these units were built under the stringent quality controls our clients have come to expect from Handling Specialty; each expected to run 75 cycles a day, 24 hours a day, 320 days a year. Building for the automotive industry is where Handling Specialty got our start –  experience the […]

Automotive Assembly Line Lift System

Overview Handling Specialty engineered to order lifts for the beginning and end of a van final assembly process as part of a plant expansion at a major truck manufacturer. At the beginning of the final assembly process, van bodies arrive on a chain conveyor. They are elevated via two mechanically actuated, two-stage scissor lifts situated […]