Industrial Personnel Lift with Tilt Action

Personnel lift vertical assembly station

Overview This industrial personnel lift with tilt/upender component acts as a vertical assembly station to assemble large industrial fuel cells in the Energy industry. This is a custom design/build material handling solution for a new model of large scale fuel cells developed to vertically stack the components. Personnel Lift Features Lowered Height: 68″; Vertical Travel: […]

Tiered Auditorium Seating

Overview Handling Specialty met the challenge of designing a multi-lift riser system controlled by a single PLC unit.  The system was installed in a business training auditorium to increase the flexibility of the room, as the space can be used as a single-level room or as a tiered auditorium. The system is comprised of five […]

Pit Mounted Custom Scissor Lift for 1996 Summer Games

Overview Unknown to over 2 billion people around the world, a Handling Specialty custom-engineered and manufactured scissor lift premiered at the Atlanta Olympics opening ceremony.  Singer Gladys Knight rose out of the ground on a 2,500 lb capacity scissor lift custom engineered and manufactured by Handling Specialty. Rising to a height of 144”, the hydraulically-actuated […]

Four Post Personnel Lift for Transformer Assembly

Overview Handling Specialty custom engineered and manufactured an assembly work platform that helped improve workers’ efficiency and safety. Incorporated in the design are platforms that extend 60” in and out, enabling employees to reach an optimal work position. A clean working environment is critical to transformer assembly, which dictates that the lift system be entirely […]

Custom Inverted Belt Lift with Tooling for Aerospace Part Dipping Process

Overview Handling Specialty was approached by a US-based material handling company to custom engineer and manufacture an overhead three-stage inverted belt lift with attached tooling (which rotates) that holds a part as it goes through an intensive cleaning and coating process. The lift was mounted onto overhead rails, which circled throughout the customer’s facility, stopping […]

40 Foot Four Stage Custom Scissor Lift for Defence Industry

Overview Handling Specialty custom engineered and manufactured two (2) lifts for a major defence company in North America. The lifts will be used to transport equipment 45’ up and down four levels of a temporary building during the assembly of product. The lifts employ several safety features to ensure the safety of personnel and the […]