Self Propelled Personnel Gantry for Train Maintenance

Overview Handling Specialty was approached by a high-speed rail company in the United States to custom design and manufacture a personnel platform for maintaining trains inside three of its maintenance facilities in Washington, Boston and New York.  The personnel platform is one of five pieces of equipment Handling Specialty was contracted to design and manufacture. […]

Nose Cone Gantries for Rail MRO

Overview Nose Cone Gantries for Rail MRO are mobile power car nose work platforms that operate intermittently when required. These units provide access to the sloped front nose cone of the client’s existing and new Locomotives. The nose cone’s track wheels retreat on hydraulics to move the unit via forklift from one set of tracks to […]

Traversing Personnel Gantry for Rail Maintenance Facility

Overview Handling Specialty custom engineered and manufactured two custom personnel lifts to be used by a major Canadian railcar manufacturer to maintain and repair rolling stock. Features 2,000 lb. capacity, hydraulic actuation, 120″ vertical travel at 40 fpm. The fall restraint assembly straddles the railcar attaching to both lifts. While the fall restraint bar is […]

Custom Gantry Equipment

Overview Each gantry system is purpose-built according to each specific customer’s needs. If your company’s maintenance or assembly process requires you to place your employees over the top of large pieces of equipment to perform tasks, then a custom gantry system from Handling Specialty may be the equipment you are looking for. Widely used throughout […]

Self-Propelled Rail Gantry for Tank Car Facility

Overview Handling Specialty was approached by a company responsible for designing an oil trans-loading operation in New Orleans, Louisiana. The company wanted to improve the efficiency of one of its processes, where personnel were required to be positioned over the top of rail tanker cars. Two critical factors in developing this solution were the safety […]

Self-Propelled Sandblasting Booth for Rail Facility

Overview Handling Specialty custom designed and manufactured two self-propelled work platforms for a major Canadian railway company’s sandblasting booth. The platform’s many axes of movement allow maintenance personnel to reach all areas of the freight car. Features Self-propelled work platforms run horizontally along crane rail and 120’ track at 80 fpm. The platform has special […]