Multi Stage Hydraulic Scissor Lift

Overview This is a purchase order from a return client for a multi-stage hydraulic scissor lift to assist in an animatronic display. Features This scissor lift will be used in a popular hotel’s front feature, which includes a waterfall. The scissor lift will be attached to a cart which will be used to move a […]

Music Conservatory Lift

Overview The University of Cincinnati’s Music Conservatory contacted Handling Specialty to custom design and manufacture a hydraulic scissor lift to convey props/set pieces to the conservatory’s upper level while also being used as a 10,000 lb capacity rollover access to the stage in the lowered position.  When not in use, this pit-mounted lift remains in […]

Portable Scissor Lifts for Theater

Overview Handling Specialty custom engineered and manufactured custom lifts for a travelling stage production of Mamma Mia!, a major musical that appeared in New York, Toronto, and San Francisco. Features Four scissor lifts with various-sized platforms are used in a serpentine pattern to lift and lower sections of the stage. Actuated by double-acting hydraulic cylinders, […]

Circular Theater Stage with Rotating Rings

How Does a Circular Theater Stage Work? Handling Specialty was approached by the technical director of the Pacific Repertory Theater in Carmel, CA,  to engineer and manufacture a rotating circular stage (double revolving stage) that included both an inner and an outer ring. Both rings on the circular theatre rotate clockwise and counter-clockwise and can […]

Scissor Lifts for Theater

Overview Handling Specialty custom designed and manufactured two direct thrust hydraulic Stage lifts to lift and hold performers at a theme park. The pit-mounted lifts are operated in unison or independently and are situated on either side of an arc-shaped stage area. Two sets of scissors were used on each lift to reduce the differential […]

Ramped Lift for Chicago Planetarium

Overview Handling Specialty custom engineered and designed a ramped system to transport seated visitors into a theatrical show inside a sphere at a major tourist attraction in Chicago. The lift could carry 12 people and was operated by staff using a panel inside the booth. Features Unique safety requirements:  shock absorbers and manual brake release, […]