Industrial Personnel Lift with Tilt Action

Personnel lift vertical assembly station

Overview This industrial personnel lift with tilt/upender component acts as a vertical assembly station to assemble large industrial fuel cells in the Energy industry. This is a custom design/build material handling solution for a new model of large scale fuel cells developed to vertically stack the components. Personnel Lift Features Lowered Height: 68″; Vertical Travel: […]

Tilt Platform

Overview As lift trucks are rolled out of the assembly line, this pit-mounted lift truck tilt platform positions the units for shipping procedures by tilting them 90 degrees once created to be placed in a trailer. Features 90-degree tilt angle. Hydraulic actuation. Pit-mounted. 3HP motor. ANSI MH29.1 compliant. Double-acting cylinders with counterbalanced valving. Hydraulic safety […]

Up-ending Trampoline Platform

Overview Engineered and manufactured at Handling Specialty, the Up-ending trampoline platform is a part of the Royal Caribbean’s Oasis class ships Aqua theatre experience. When in use by the performers, the Up-ending platform rotates to allow them to utilize the trampoline. When not in use, the platform tilts to hide itself from the audience. The […]

Retubing Tool Platform-Column Handler

Overview Retubing tool platform-column handler Secured to a four-post lift, the retubing tooling platform-column handler performs the removal and replacement of reactor components. Otherwise known as the re-tube and feeder replacement phase. It accomplishes this task in part by utilizing its hydraulic tilt feature. The tooling platform and column handler are operated remotely from the […]

Tilting Diving Board Platforms

Overview Tilting diving board platforms were designed and built for the entertainment industry aboard the Royal Caribbean Oasis class ships. Tilting platforms allow for the diving boards to recede when not part of the show and then reappear when the performance calls for divers. These tilting platforms are built with safety top of mind to […]

Tilting Stage System for Traveling Musical

Overview Handling Specialty custom designed and manufactured an understage tilting system for the Lion King’s traveling musical for its tour in North America. Performance requirements guided the unit design. In terms of noise, the actuator system was required to perform under 80 decibels within three feet of the unit. A comprehensive test plan was run […]