Truck-Bogie Hoist

Overview Truck/Bogie Hoist to assist in rail vehicle maintenance & inspection. Features Various capacity, shallow pit design, full pit, four or two post truck (bogie) hoist. Equipment is used in rail vehicle maintenance facilities for the inspection, repair and maintenance of rail vehicle trucks (bogies). Spinning Posts can also be provided with these hoists to […]

Bogie Press and Bogie Stands

Overview Bogie Presses are used for the assembly and disassembly of rail vehicle bogies/trucks. Bogie test stands contain the same pressing ability as a Bogie press but are also equipped to simulate a load of a vehicle body on the bogie in order to control the wheel loading pattern and monitor other important functions on […]

Traction Motor Dolly for EMD SD70ACe Locomotives

Overview Handling Specialty custom engineered and manufactured a Traction Motor Dolly (TMD), which works in conjunction with a drop table and service top to specifically remove Traction Motors (TM) from EMD SD70ACe locomotives. This equipment provides a controlled method to adjust the position of the traction motor safely and may be a more suitable method […]