Manufacturing and many other industries have a great demand for material handling equipment to move goods, equipment, and materials in their production process. The advances in AGV solutions mean workers no longer have to be exposed to hazardous working situations as an autonomous guided vehicle designed specifically for the task can take their place. AGV manufacturing companies have evolved the automated guided vehicle design to be adaptable for almost any application.

Automated guided vehicles (AGVs), also known as self-guided vehicles or autonomous guided vehicles, operate or function without a driver or operator on board. They automate the movement of a product or heavy loads and help make business more efficient and productive.

Handling Specialty is one of the leading AGV manufacturing companies. A recognized innovator in automated guided vehicles AGV suppliers. Handling Specialty has hundreds of AGVs in manufacturing environments, including automotive production, aerospace, entertainment, transportation, and other industries.

Some of the different types of AGV solutions we supply include:

  • AGV assembly unloader lifts
  • AGV roll-over vehicles
  • Truck outfitter automated guided vehicles
  • Scissor lift automated guided vehicles
  • Towing AGVs
  • Heavy burden carriers
  • Automated guided carts
  • Autonomous mobile Robots
  • Unit load handlers


Some of the advantages offered by AGV manufacturing companies include:

  1. A reduction in the damage of goods. Heavy lifting without the use of automated guided vehicles can lead to damage to materials and equipment due to human error.
  2. Speed increases efficiency and productivity without compromising safety.
  3. AGVs significantly reduce labour costs, thus improving the bottom line.
  4. AGVs are less expensive and more cost-effective than fixed automation systems.
  5. AGVs improve safety in warehouses and manufacturing companies, reducing injuries and fatalities. For example, where products involve chemicals or hazardous substances, AGV solutions make production possible without human interaction.

AGV Applications

At Handling Specialty, we specialize in AGV system design. We work hand-in-hand with our clients on the specification of an automated guided vehicle designed for their use case and application. Then manufacture and deliver the solution.

Below are some examples of the autonomous guided vehicle designs and applications we offer that are common to the AGV industry:

  • Raw material handling: These AGVs handle different raw materials, such as paper, plastic, steel, rubber, and more, depending on the industry. The AGVs transport raw materials from storage warehouses to production lines. This ensures that raw materials are handled with care and maintains a steady supply of raw goods to production lines.
  • Work in progress handling: This category of AGVs handles intermediate goods in production lines. They also ensure production continues uninterrupted.
  • Hazardous material handling: As the name suggests, AGVs are used to move hazardous materials. The AGV industry has come up with state-of-the-art AGV technology to improve safety when handling dangerous materials. For example, AGVs designed to handle dangerous materials can move them without getting damaged. In addition, thanks to advancements in AGV technology, some hazardous material handling AGVs have triggers that issue a warning when they encounter hazardous materials. This makes them better and more efficient than human personnel who might not sense any dangers in the working space.
  • Pallet handling: Pallets are the structural foundation of a load. With the right equipment, they improve material handling and storage efficiencies. AGV solutions can move pallets or crates easier and faster than humans without any strain, injuries, or damage.
  • Finished product handling: This is usually the final stage in most manufacturing processes. It involves transporting products or finished goods from the manufacturing facilities to the storage or shipping facilities. The process often requires gentle/delicate handling. Handling Specialty finished product handling AGVs have custom tooling that enables load-handling devices to secure and carry products or goods.
  • Automated storage and retrieval: Some storage facilities are elevated and have narrow aisles, making it hard for humans to move in between or even reach some products. Automated storage and retrieval AGVs make it easier to reach and store products. Artificial intelligence (AI) technology is now being leveraged in some AVG solutions to map the warehouse in 3D and operate independently of any human interaction.

AGV Product Line/AGV Models

At Handling Specialty, we have many highly specialized AGV solutions in our catalog.

Below are some examples of what we offer.

1.   AGV Assembly Unloader Lift With a Cart

The model 2MAST41-10 is an advanced manufacturing material handling vertical assembly station with rigid chain actuation and floor-mounted motion sensors. It has a load capacity of 2,000 Ibs and can accommodate five different vehicle sizes due to its five preprogrammed positions.

Handling Specialty is one of the few AGV manufacturing companies in the AGV industry that offer this type of model.

2.   Truck Outfitters Automated Guided Vehicle

The model 201 is ideal for the Automotive Lift and Positioning Equipment industry. It uses mechanical actuation and has a load capacity of 12,000 Ibs. This AGV also has motion sensors and a laser guidance system programmed to move along a pre-determined path set by smart tape or a painted line.

3.   Automatically Guided Roll-over Vehicle

The 2166 model is a material handling solution for the power generation Industry. It is a rotator that uses mechanical actuation and has a load capacity of 44,000 Ibs—designed to efficiently and safely position large power-generation turbines and engines during overhaul or remanufacturing. This model is also quite rare amongst AGV manufacturing companies and AGV suppliers in North America.

Top AVG Manufacturers

Handling Specialty is a leading manufacturer amongst a handful of AGV solutions suppliers that offer custom-engineered material handling solutions. Our mission is to help you improve productivity and efficiency. Some of our core strengths include:

  • We have an outstanding team of professionals and only recruit the most talented people.
  • We have built a reputation as competent AGV suppliers and problem solvers. Every business has unique material handling needs, which is why we also offer custom solutions.
  • We back up our professionalism and high-quality custom products with excellent after-sales service and support. 


If you are looking for a material handling AGV designed and engineered to fit your industry application, Handling Specialty is one of the top AGV manufacturers in North America. We’d be happy to discuss your requirements with you. Contact us to

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Handling Specialty’s reputation is one of a competent problem-solver because we have built a reputation for providing unique, custom-engineered material handling or industrial automation solutions that stand the test of time.

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“We build big things to help our customers build big things.”

Handling Specialty’s reputation is one of a competent problem-solver because we have built a reputation on providing unique, custom-engineered material handling or industrial automation solutions that stand the test of time
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