Tilt Platform

Overview As lift trucks are rolled out of the assembly line, this pit-mounted lift truck tilt platform positions the units for shipping procedures by tilting them 90 degrees once created to be placed in a trailer. Features 90-degree tilt angle. Hydraulic actuation. Pit-mounted. 3HP motor. ANSI MH29.1 compliant. Double-acting cylinders with counterbalanced valving. Hydraulic safety […]

Tilting Diving Board Platforms

Overview Tilting diving board platforms were designed and built for the entertainment industry aboard the Royal Caribbean Oasis class ships. Tilting platforms allow for the diving boards to recede when not part of the show and then reappear when the performance calls for divers. These tilting platforms are built with safety top of mind to […]

Moveable Ceiling Platform for Fire Testing

Overview An insurance research laboratory required a specialized and controlled environment to conduct fire testing on its clients’ products.  A large moveable ceiling platform fitted with a sprinkler system is positioned over the clients’ products and is ignited. After the fire is extinguished, the laboratory analyses the results and is able to advise clients on […]

Rotating Mast Lift for Tooling Inspection

Overview Handling Specialty engineered and manufactured a custom two-post rotating mast lift for an international power company’s (GE) power generation facility for turbine equipment inspection. Features Mechanical actuation is used for positive locking, which allows the tooling to be held at any elevation for extended periods of time. The lift must be in full “up” […]

Custom Four Post Jet Engine Lift for Aerospace Industry

Overview Handling Specialty was approached by a returning aerospace client to custom engineer, manufacture and install a jet engine dress bay lifting system for their jet engine test facility. The lift is used to lift and hold brand new 32,000 lb jet engines in preparation for being tested in a cold temperature facility. The lifting […]

Explosion Proof Paint Booth Lifts for Aerospace Industry

Overview Handling Specialty was approached by an international aerospace company to custom engineer and manufacture multi-axis paint booth gantries for three paint booths. The gantries are designed to hold two paint technicians and paint equipment, are were custom engineered and manufactured to be safe, reliable, efficient, ergonomic and highly manouverable in an aerospace industry paint […]