Automotive Four-Post Lifts

Overview Custom designed for return customers, these units were built under the stringent quality controls our clients have come to expect from Handling Specialty; each expected to run 75 cycles a day, 24 hours a day, 320 days a year. Building for the automotive industry is where Handling Specialty got our start –  experience the […]

Mast Style Belt Lift

Overview These four custom-engineered belt lifts will be used to transfer chassis and pallets in an automated assembly line for the automotive industry. Features Designed with redundant safety systems and multiple belts, this vertical drop lifter was engineered to reduce deflection, ensure the level and accurate positioning, support cantilevered loads of up to 3,800 lbs, […]

35,000 Lb. Hydraulic Scissor Lift for Automotive Assembly

Overview Handling Specialty custom designed and manufactured a 35,000 lb capacity production duty lift for an automotive assembly plant in the US. The lift received a fully assembled truck from a carrier on an overhead chain conveyor, then lowered the truck to floor level, where it was moved onto another conveyor. From this point, the […]

Ballscrew Actuated Lifts for Automotive Skillet System

Overview Handling Specialty custom engineered and manufactured ball screw actuated lifts for the first skillet system for a major North American automotive manufacturer. The skillet utilizes platforms (skillets) to transport the materials or products through various assembly operations.  The strength of this system is that it provides access around the perimeter of the product enabling […]

Research Facility Lift

Overview Handling Specialty Manufacturing was approached by an automotive customer to custom engineer and design a mechanical lift for its research facility. Called a pedestrian bridge, the lift is essentially a collapsible covered walkway to facilitate pedestrian traffic from the main floor level to raised research platform. Features Pivoting support legs. Translucent panels. Hydraulically operated […]

Scissor Lifts for Automotive Industry

Overview Handling Specialty solved a material handling challenge in a Canadian auto plant by custom engineering and manufacturing a high-cycle, robust, and durable lift system that transferred car bodies atop steel skids between two sets of conveyors set on different levels. The lift has a powered conveyor mounted on top of it in the lowered […]