25 Ton Drop Table and Traction Motor Dolly

Rail MRO EQuipment

Overview Our rail equipment dealer in Australia received a purchase order for one 25-ton Drop Table including a traction motor dolly, locking bar pockets, packaging and freight, installation, commissioning, and training. This Drop Table system will be used to remove and re-install wheelsets on freight cars. Drop Table: The main drop table trolly uses an […]

Explosion Proof Mechanical Scissor Lifts

Overview These heavy-duty, explosion-proof electro-mechanical scissor lifts employ a vertical ball-screw system and are pit-mounted. This set-up consists of three units, one capable of lifting 15,000 lbs while the other two have a capacity of 8,000 lbs each. These units assist in the assembly and MRO operations for specialized helicopters and jets. Each mechanical lift […]

Truck-Bogie Hoist

Overview Truck/Bogie Hoist to assist in rail vehicle maintenance & inspection. Features Various capacity, shallow pit design, full pit, four or two post truck (bogie) hoist. Equipment is used in rail vehicle maintenance facilities for the inspection, repair and maintenance of rail vehicle trucks (bogies). Spinning Posts can also be provided with these hoists to […]

Electro-Mechanical Scissor Lift for EV Auto Manufacturer

Overview Electro-Mechanical Scissor Lift This Electro-Mechanical Scissor Lift for an EV Auto Manufacturer is capable of lifting 3,00 lbs. and operates 20 cycles per hour, 24 hours per day, 300 days per year. Our robust scissor lifts are staple material handling solutions for multiple industries. Easily customizable for your electric vehicle manufacturing requirements, the scissor […]

Automotive Four-Post Lifts

Overview Custom designed for return customers, these units were built under the stringent quality controls our clients have come to expect from Handling Specialty; each expected to run 75 cycles a day, 24 hours a day, 320 days a year. Building for the automotive industry is where Handling Specialty got our start –  experience the […]

Mast Style Belt Lift

Overview These four custom-engineered belt lifts will be used to transfer chassis and pallets in an automated assembly line for the automotive industry. Features Designed with redundant safety systems and multiple belts, this vertical drop lifter was engineered to reduce deflection, ensure the level and accurate positioning, support cantilevered loads of up to 3,800 lbs, […]