Personnel Lift for the Energy Industry

Overview Personnel Lift for the Energy Industry Lagged to the purchaser’s floor, this custom, electro-mechanically powered personnel lift is designed to perform 4 cycles per day, 300 days per year, in an assembly facility. This personnel lift will work in tandem with other material handling equipment like AGVs and engine lifts to perform the work. […]

In-Floor CSA Personnel Lifts for Automotive

Overview These electro-mechanical, pit-mounted, in-floor CSA personnel lifts for automotive manufacturing were designed to run for 40 cycles per hour, 17 hours per day, and 260 days per year. Each order came as a pair to position technicians at ergonomic heights while on the assembly line and was engineered to hold up to 1000 lbs. […]

Automotive Assembly Lift

Overview Handling Specialty was approached by an automotive Manufacturing Company for two (2) electromechanical lifts. The lifts will be used to ergonomically position technicians during the assembly of automobiles. Safety and efficiency are built into our robust designs. Features Up-travel limit switch. Down-position proximity switch. End of travel and Over-travel limit switches. Manual brake release. […]

Custom Automotive Personnel Platform

Overview These lifts are used to position personnel during the inspection of vehicles in an automotive facility’s paint shop. The lifts are placed on either side of the car body with a safety touch tape switch to ensure the personnel lift does not interfere with the car body. Both lifts include Home, Mid-up, and High […]

AGV Assembly Unloader Lift

Overview The unloader lift was custom designed for a recreational vehicle manufacturer to inspect the product at the end of the assembly line. The unloader lift was also engineered to accept the recreational vehicle from an automated guided vehicle, raise it to ergonomic heights for technicians to inspect the work, and then be driven off […]

4 Post Electric Chain Lift

Overview The four-post lifts will be employed for end-of assembly line inspection on small tractors and utility vehicles. Features This four-post lift is raised and lowered with heavy-duty chains, offering a reliable cycle through the lift and lower process. Fitted with limit switches and locking devices, the four-post lift can stop at any height. This […]