The American Public Transit Association is a nonprofit international association comprised of over 1,500 member organizations from both the public and private sectors. Their members enjoy a wide range of benefits, including advocacy for federal funding and policies, access to research, technical expertise, and consulting services. APTA also provides workforce development programs, educational conferences, and seminars, and facilitates collaboration through its 135 subject-matter working committees.

APTA stands as the sole association in North America that comprehensively represents all modes of public transportation, encompassing bus, paratransit, light rail, commuter rail, subways, waterborne services, intercity, and high-speed passenger rail. Over 90 percent of individuals utilizing public transportation in the United States and Canada rely on APTA member systems.

APTAs membership actively engages in every facet of the rail industry. This includes involvement in planning, designing, financing, constructing, and operating transit systems, as well as research, development, manufacturing, and maintenance of vehicles, equipment, and transit-related products and services. Moreover, academic institutions, transportation network companies, transit associations, and state departments of transportation are among the esteemed APTA members.

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