Lifting Beam for Nuclear

Overview Typically, more than 200 fuel rods are bundled together to form a fuel assembly in a nuclear facility. These rods need to be removed to make room for new rods with a full complement of nuclear fuel. In order to remove the rods, custom material handling equipment has been designed and built by Handling […]

Overhead Belt Lift for Material Handling

Overview Working 48 cycles/hour, 16 hours/day, 280 days/year, these 12 electro-mechanical overhead belt lifts were designed to be integrated into an automotive manufacturer’s overhead conveyor system to move car and truck bodies through the assembly line. This belt lifts lower around the vehicle body, and custom tooling secures the underside, then the belt lifts raise […]

Below the Hook Lifting Beams

Overview This zinc-plated below the hook lifting beam was engineered to lift heavy loads (pre-assembled engines) for a locomotive manufacturer. A crane is employed with the lifting beam attached to the hooks, and the engine secured to the custom lifting beam. The engine is then maneuvered and lowered into the locomotive body.

Inverted Belt Lift for Automotive Assembly Process

Overview Handling Specialty custom engineered and manufactured a series of inverted belt lifts for a major North American automotive company. The lifts were mounted to a ceiling track and used to lift car bodies up and down (from ceiling to floor level), where they were worked on by employees. Features Rise rate 35 FPM approximate […]

Inverted Scissor Lift for Automotive Assembly

Overview Handling Specialty was approached by the technical division of a large US automaker to custom engineer a lift that could be integrated into different conveying systems. The company created an innovative solution that involved combining an overhead crane and a scissor lift. The crane moves in an “x-y” direction while the scissor lift operates […]

Custom Personnel Lift for Nuclear Maintenance Operations

Overview This order included four units and one handling cart to move the nuclear maintenance personnel platforms to their final destination through the plant. These units dock vertically into a docking station secured to the walls of the facility at ceiling height. The personnel platforms lower on scissor lifts, and when contact is made with […]