Engine Rollover and Lift Stations

Overview Handling Specialty recently completed a 15 and 30 Ton Engine Rollover Station for the energy industry, which was placed in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. Handling Specialty also provided installation and commissioning of these products. The Engine Rollover Stations will be used to position reciprocating engines during manufacturing operations. Features The rollover feature, along with […]

Telescopic Cable Boom System

Overview Handling Specialty engineered and manufactured two (2) sets of three (3) telescopic cable booms for a major electric power company in the United States. The booms will be used to carry and position 1000V electrical cables above and into a large electrical transformer so it can be tested. A collision avoidance system, as well […]

Service Deployment System

Overview Designed to seamlessly introduce additional services into a manufacturing and assembly facility. Features Designed to bring services such as electrical outlets, LED handheld work lamps and air hoses with multiple-sized twist-lock and quick-disconnect couplings and sockets via a series of heavy-duty reels, the service deployment system is installed in a facility’s ceiling and lowered […]

Custom Inverted Belt Lift with Tooling for Aerospace Part Dipping Process

Overview Handling Specialty was approached by a US-based material handling company to custom engineer and manufacture an overhead three-stage inverted belt lift with attached tooling (which rotates) that holds a part as it goes through an intensive cleaning and coating process. The lift was mounted onto overhead rails, which circled throughout the customer’s facility, stopping […]

Engine Dress Bay Lifting Systems

Overview Handling Specialty received a purchase order from Whiting Equipment Services on behalf of the return client for Two (2) Engine Dress Bay Lifting Systems. The lifts will be used to prepare jet engines in a Large Engine Production Building in Ohio. Features The lifting system consists of the following components: Screw columns. Column tie […]

Custom Three-Axis Work Positioner

Overview Four custom three-axis work positioners are bolted to the facility floor to perform intermittent operations of three transfers per day per positioner, 262 days of operation per year. The robust four-post lifts offer multiple positioning opportunities for technicians performing their assembly and maintenance work. The Z-axis moves the product up and down via an […]